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TheftAwareness invites you to enroll in completely online shoplifting classes. Our programs start from $24.99, come with the lowest price guarantee and have no hidden fees.

TheftAwareness’ shoplifting courses are written by a certified instructor - CSTAS and a member of NASTAS and are widely recognized for meeting the court, judge, state, employer, probation and parole officer requirements. With durability from 2 up to 16 hours/weeks, they are accepted by any entity which allows distance learning.
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Shoplifting - Definition and Statistics

The statistics are embarrassing and even frightening. But the numbers speak for themselves. Shoplifting is the most common crime in the United States. Statistically, 1 in 11 Americans is a shoplifter. And that's not all.Men tend to be more likely to steal than women, and up to 750 thefts worth more than $ 38,000 are committed every minute countrywide. But what exactly is shoplifting? People must be aware of the fact that shoplifting is neither harmful, nor without consequences. By its nature, shoplifting is the misappropriation of goods from retail chains and stores while pretending to be a customer. In fact, nowadays shoplifting is gaining epidemic proportions.

47% of high school students admit to stealing from a store last year. One in four thieves is underage, and the goods that are most often subject to theft are far from essential for any household. And while 75% of shoplifters admit that they have no plans to steal until they visit the store, shoplifting is a social, economic and, above all, psychological problem that requires special attention.

Enroll in Online Shoplifting Class From $24.99

As we completely understand the significance of this phenomenon, we developed completely online shoplifting classes with different durations to suit our participants' specific needs. Our shoplifting courses start from 2 up to 16 hours/weeks and are known to be widely recognized within the United States.


Also, TheftAwareness's shoplifting prevention courses are developed by a certified shoplifting and theft prevention specialist - CSTAS and a member of National Association of Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Specialists (NASTAS). Another huge advantage of ours is that you can register for our shoplifting course at prices starting from $24.99. The course price includes the materials as well as the certificate of completion itself - the legal proof that you have successfully completed a diversion program for shoplifting


However, you may be required to enroll in a shoplifting class by a court, judge, parole or probation officer, legal representative, employer, school, family member or another entity or organization within the country. The shoplifting alternative course provided by TheftAwareness is designed to meet their standards and requirements. 


Is This the Shoplifting Course I am Required to Take?

We usually warn our customers and ask them to keep in mind that our shoplifting diversion class can be found under various names within the different states and entities. However, it is of significant importance to enroll in the right course with the right duration, suitable for your particular needs, otherwise your certificate of completion may be declined. This is the reason why we prepared a list with the other names the shoplifting class may have. 


TheftAwareness invites you to register today in case you need to complete some of the following courses:



Still, whether the class you are mandated to take is not mentioned above, please contact us for further details. We will be glad to help! © · 2023