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TheftAwareness presents to your attention self-paced, self-study and completely online anti theft classes with duration from 2 up to 16 hours and weeks. The program is developed by a certified shoplifting and theft addiction specialist (CSTAS) and a member of NASTAS to meet the national and court requirements within both the United States and Canada.

What is more, our online theft awareness classes start from $29.99 and come with the lowest price guarantee. Enroll today and get your letter of enrollment and certificate of completion at no additional cost. 

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Course Acceptance
  • Widely recognized across numerous states and counties throughout the United States
  • The curriculum adheres to national standards established in the United States
  • The certificate is accepted by U.S. entities and officials that allow distance education
  • Embraced by institutions across all provinces and territories in Canada
  • The curriculum aligns with the national standards set by Canadian education authorities
  • The certificate is accepted by relevant authorities, enabling remote learning education

What is Shoplifting?

According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention’s research, more than $13 billion worth of merchandise are stolen from retailers every year (which estimates to around $35 million per day). Furthermore, 1 in 11 Americans are probable to commit a theft at some point in their lives, but only 10 million individuals have been caught shoplifting in the last five years. In fact, according to NASP, only 1 in 48 shoplifters are caught, and only about 50% of them are turned over to police for prosecution. 


While the romanticized face of shoplifting is the starving child stealing something to eat, the reality is quite different. According to specialists, there is no such thing as a “typical” shoplifter. NASP states that both genders shoplift in approximately equal proportion. What is more, 1 in 4 shoplifters are underage. Among adult shoplifters, 55% say they started shoplifting in their teen years. Most of these people do not commit other types of crimes and which is even more surprising, they are exemplary citizens who obey the laws and pay their taxes. 


However, when it comes to the definition itself, shoplifting should be considered the theft of merchandise from a store or retail establishment without the knowledge of the seller and without paying for them. In certain cases, the intent to steal, along with an act in furtherance of that intent, can also result in criminal charges for shoplifting (or retail fraud). An act in furtherance of shoplifting might include:



However, a number of psychologists describe shoplifting as a pandemic and undoubtedly, theft is a scourge for our society and one of the global problems of our time.


Anti Theft Class and Its Importance 

TheftAwareness gives access to anti theft classes with strictly educational purposes. The participants go through an educational program with a number of topics which contain useful information about definitions, statistics, instances and other data regarding shoplifting. Among the most important lessons stand out the shoplifting impact on society, the types of shoplifters, the reasons for this phenomenon as well as the consequences of stealing. However, the main purpose of these courses is to prevent future occurrences of theft and stealing and to help its participants to rehabilitate in society. 


Theft Awareness’s classes are designed by a Certified Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Specialist - CSTAS who is also a member of The National Association of Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Specialists (NASTAS). The courses have different duration - from 2 up to 16 hours and weeks in order to meet any specific requirements. Being developed by an expert in the field of theft awareness and shoplifting, these anti theft courses are widely accepted by states, courts, judges and employers across the United States and Canada.


Furthermore, this program comes with the lowest price guarantee. Our most affordable theft awareness class starts from $29.99 and has no additional fees. The price given includes the lessons, all needed materials, the letter of enrollment and even the certificate of completion. In addition to that, our court ordered shoplifting classes are self-paced, self-study and can be taken completely online. This means that any physical attendance is required. You can complete the whole training from any point of the world. 


Is This the Theft Awareness Class I am Required to Take?

You may be required to enroll in such a theft awareness program by the court, judge, state, province, parole or probation officer, legal representative, employer, school or another organization within the United States and Canada. Please keep in mind that this program may be found under various names in different states. However, feel free to enroll today, in case you are required to complete some of the following programs:


  • Theft Awareness Class;

  • Anti Theft Class;

  • Theft Class;

  • Theft Prevention Class;

  • Petty Theft Class;

  • Theft Abatement Class;

  • Theft Offender Class;

  • Theft Course;

  • Anti Theft Course;

  • Theft Diversion Program;

  • Theft Intervention Program;

  • Diversion Program For Petty Theft;

  • Theft and Shoplifting Offenders Program;

  • Shoplifting Class;

  • Shoplifting Prevention Class;

  • Anti Shoplifting Class;

  • Shoplifting Diversion Class;

  • Shoplifting Misdemeanor Class;

  • Stop Shoplifting Class;

  • Shoplifting Alternative Course;

  • Anti Shoplifting Course;

  • Diversion Program For Shoplifting;

  • Rebel Theft Class;

  • Petty Larceny Class

  • Petit Theft Class;

  • Consumer Awareness Class;

  • Impulse Control Class.

Yet, If the course you are mandated to take is not among the mentioned above, please do not hesitate to reach some of our customer service representatives. What is more, we are at your service for any further requests or concerns in regard to this shoplifting prevention class.

What courses are offered by TheftAwareness?

TheftAwareness offers a range of courses in theft awareness, shoplifting prevention, and impulse control.

Are the courses accredited and recognized?

Yes, the courses offered by TheftAwareness are widely accepted and recognized by states, provinces, courts, judges, and employers in the United States and Canada.

How long do the courses last?

The duration of the courses varies, ranging from 2 to 16 hours/weeks. The length of the course can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Can I take the courses online?

Yes, the theft awareness courses provided by TheftAwareness can be completed entirely online. There is no need for physical attendance.

How much do the courses cost?

TheftAwareness offers affordable courses starting from $29.99, with no additional fees. The price includes all necessary materials, the letter of enrollment, and the certificate of completion.

Who might require me to take a theft awareness course?

You may be required to enroll in a theft awareness program by the court, judge, state, province, parole or probation officer, legal representative, employer, school, or another organization within the United States and Canada.

What is the purpose of theft awareness courses?

The main purpose of theft awareness courses is to prevent future occurrences of theft, provide valuable information about the impact of theft on society, understand the reasons behind shoplifting, and help participants rehabilitate in society. © · 2024