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Enroll now in impulse control classes with continuity from 2 up to 16 hours and get your free, instant certificate of completion. The program provided by TheftAwareness is completely online, starts from only $24.99 and comes with no hidden fees.

In order to meet the standards of any state and institution, our impulse control classes are developed by a certified shoplifting and theft prevention specialist - CSTAS and a member of NASTAS. Our courses are known to be widely accepted by states, courts, employers and other entities which allows distance learning.
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  • Courses starting from $24.99

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  • Accepted by courts and employers
  • Accepted in all states

Our online impulse control class is developed to meet the requirements of courts, law enforcement and legal representatives. Your Certificate of Completion will be accepted by any entity which allows distance learning.

Check whether your certificate of completion will be accepted by you state/county.

Whether this impulse control class will be accepted in your state

TheftAwareness presents to your attention self-paced, self-study and completely online impulse control classes with different durations. As we strive to ensure that your certificates of completion will be accepted, we have developed impulse control courses with continuity from 2 up to 16 hours/weeks. Furthermore, our training is designed by a certified shoplifting and theft prevention instructor and a member of NASTAS. What is more, our courses are widely accepted by states, courts, judges, employers, parole or probation officers and a number of other entities which allow distance learning. However, our advice to our clients is to check whether their certificate will be accepted by their home state and county.

Enroll in Impulse Control Class Online 

Impulse control is a condition in which the individuals have difficulty managing their emotions and actions. One of the significant manifestations of this disorder is kleptomania or the need for a person to commit theft. Most often, people resort to shoplifting and, pretending to be buyers, misappropriate goods for which they do not intend to pay. Statistically, shoplifting is the most common crime in the United States. For this reason, in recent years we face a huge need to work forward the prevention of such acts. In order to participate in this common fight against shoplifting, TheftAwareness have developed impulse control classes.

They have durability from 4 up to 16 hours/weeks and are completely online, without the need of any physical attendance. Also, our programs are self-paced and self-study - the pace is set by you and your particular needs. Furthermore, our online impulse control classes come with the lowest price guarantee, starting from $24.99 and having no hidden fees. You get your letter of enrollment and certificate of completion for free. The online impulse control classes, provided by TheftAwareness are developed by a certified shoplifting and theft prevention specialist - CSTAS who is also a member of NASTAS. The course content comprises useful information about shoplifting, the different types of shoplifters, the reasons for their behavior as well as statistics about this burden of our society. 


Is This The Right Impulse Control Class I am Required to Take?

It is likely that you are mandated to take part in an impulse control course by a court, judge, probation or parole officer, legal representative, school, employer, family member or another entity within the United States. Our impulse control programs are widely accepted by all organizations that allow distance learning. Still, we advise you to pay attention to the particular course name you are required to take. The impulse control class can be found under a variety of names within the different states countrywide. Yet, feel free to take part in our impulse control class, in case you have to enroll in some of the following courses:



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